Shop our ever changing collection of wedding dresses

Our Online Store and Instagram feed will help give our brides an “idea” of what they might find in our bridal store! As an off-the-rack bridal store that specializes in reselling new and once worn wedding dresses for past brides and samples for other bridal stores, we receive A LOT of dresses at a time and some sell very quickly! Due to the constant rotation of our inventory, we are simply unable to keep a complete and current list of our dresses currently in stock. We have a wider selection that what you might find on our Online Store or Instagram feed. So, the best way to view our entire collection of wedding dresses is to make an appointment and see them in-person! For a sneak peek of what you mind find in our store, view our Instagram pages below at our Seattle and Portland locations!

Shop our new online store, which features a select number of samples and never-been-worn dresses offered at extra discounts and available to purchase immediately! If you’re interested in purchasing an item you see on our online store, but have more questions, you can email us at All items are sold as-is and all sales are final.