Are you a boutique looking to consign your bridal samples?

Blue Sky Bridal is the largest bridal consignment store in the Pacific Northwest with locations in Seattle and Portland. Our upscale bridal consignment store offers designer samples, brand new and once-worn wedding dresses to our brides. Most of our inventory is on consignment for stores!
Since 2007, we’ve worked with bridal store owners and designers all over the country to sell their discontinued and underperforming samples. Consigning your samples is a great way to generate revenue and free up valuable space for new inventory!
Consigning your samples with Blue Sky Bridal guarantees your samples to be seen by brides all across the Pacific Northwest. We will make the entire consignment process effortless for you and will work hard to send you checks each month!

It’s easy to get started! Simply contact us at to request a consignment contract to review. If you have an initial list of dresses you’re interested in consigning, feel free to include it! All wedding dresses must be 3 years or newer, in ready-to-wear condition and retail above $1,000.

Interested in selling your dresses outright? Email our owner at with a list of dresses you’re interested in selling with pricing. Keep in mind, you’ll make more money by consigning than selling outright, so we tend to prefer that route, as it’s more beneficial to our clients.

We look forward to the opportunity to consign your samples and to start sending commission checks your way!