Out-of-State Consignment Terms and Conditions

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Out-of-State Consignment Terms and Conditions

As the Consignor, upon acceptance by Blue Sky Bridal, you agree to consign the Item provided to Blue Sky Bridal. You acknowledge the Consignor and Blue Sky Bridal will determine the Item Price together and Consignor agrees to the Item Price set. For any Item sold, Blue Sky Bridal will pay 50% of the final Listed Price to the Consignor. Changes may be made to the price(s) if approved by the Consignor. Blue Sky Bridal may add an amount to the Item Price to cover sales expenses (such as credit card processing or garment bags) or pre-approved repairs.  Blue Sky Bridal retains 100% of any additional amount paid above the Item Price.

Consignor is responsible for keeping their contact information current with Blue Sky Bridal. Any checks that are lost (including in the mail) or not cashed within ninety (90) days will be subject to a $25 re-issue fee.

Out-of-state consignment payments will be mailed to the address in the submission form provided by Consignor, unless otherwise noted by consignor. Consignor is responsible for noting the timeframe and due date of the Item.

Upon due date, consignor will be contacted to extend, return or donate the Item. Consignor is responsible for all shipping costs to/from Blue Sky Bridal. Blue Sky Bridal will make several attempts to contact Consignor. Merchandise not retrieved within thirty (30) days after Due Date will become the property of Blue Sky Bridal and may be donated. Blue Sky Bridal reserves the right to change the Due Date.  If changed, the Consignor will be notified via the email.

Consignor attests to the authenticity of all consigned items, and has not knowingly requested the resale of counterfeit goods. Items deemed to be counterfeits will be discarded or destroyed. Consignor attests that they have legal title to, and are in legal possession of, all items consigned at Blue Sky Bridal. Consignor agrees not to market Items independently before the Due Date.   Blue Sky Bridal is not responsible for loss, including theft or damage to Items on consignment.  Consignor retains ownership of Items until sold or donated, and Blue Sky Bridal encourages all Consignors to carry appropriate insurance.