Why consign your wedding dress?

Why consigning your wedding dress is your best option!

So many brides these days are resorting to social media to try to sell their wedding dress.

Consigning your wedding dress with an actual bridal consignment store, like Blue Sky Bridal, that specializes in reselling dresses for brides, is your best bet!
First off, its much easier, because we do all the work for you! Secondly, its much safer! There are no phone calls, emails or random meet-ups with potential buyers!
Since 2007, Blue Sky Bridal has been uniting gorgeous, eco-friendly wedding gowns with happy, planet-conscious brides.
Why consign?
  • It’s an act of generosity to another bride (you felt so beautiful, let the next bride feel that pretty too!)
  • It eases the burden on our environment (one less dress that needs to be manufactured)
  • It can free up your closet space (maybe you’re moving, or having a baby?)
  • It can help you recoup some of your money back from your wedding! (pay off some credit cards or save it for your next chapter in your life as a newlywed!)
 We, at Blue Sky Bridal, would love the opportunity to consign your wedding dress! Our mission is to unite gorgeous wedding dresses (like yours) with eco-friendly brides! And we’re sure good at it!
For more information or to make an appointment to consign your wedding dress, visit www.blueskybridal.com or contact one of our stores directly! Appointments are required!
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